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What you need to know and where to find a medical scrub in Singapore

The nursing profession is a field that undoubtedly doesn’t deserve the credit it gets. The modern-day nurse has to put up with a lot and be selfless in their line of duty, contrary to what most people think. Another myth associated with nurses and doctors is the fact that they do predominantly white clothing. While this was true many decades ago, it doesn’t hold for the modern age. Let’s take a look at scrub clothing and where you can purchase a medical scrub singapore .

In the early years of medical science, nurses and doctors seldom wore any sort of protective equipment.
This puts them at an alarming risk of contracting infections from multiple patients. It was not until the devastating Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 that doctors and nurses understood the importance of wearing proper clothing. Initially, surgeons and nurses present in an operating room wore white clothing as white was considered to be a sign of cleanliness. However, as time progressed, this was a pretty bad idea as the combination of white color in the operation theater and the white color clothing led to eye strain for many surgeons. Hence scrub clothing was born. Scrub clothing consists of shirt sleeves and light green color to minimize eye strains and the visibility of dirt and bloodstains for surgeons.

How to get clothing:

It is quite easy to get scrub clothing or a lab coat in Singapore. There are many offline stores, but you can buy such uniforms and outfits from online sites. These sites will usually display a portfolio of their work in an attempt to entice customers. You can also request custom designs in some cases at an additional cost. Hopefully, this brief article taught you a bit about medical clothing.

October 5, 2020